The Castillo Family Story

Castillo Real Mexican Cocina & Bar ( kosteeyo-reeal Mexican koseena & bar on the US pronunciation of “Castillo “ ) is a Mexican American full service restaurant based in McDonough, Ga.

Mexico is full of fondas. They are in every downtown and market from Tampico to Tonala. This is how this story begins in late 1982. One couple and their children in Gonzalez, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The late Mr. Romualdo Castillo Sr. and his wife Luisa Portes de Castillo decided to open the first local “fonda” or a small restaurant. With the help from their oldest child, Lucio Castillo, a Chemistry major student at UAT ( Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas in Reynosa, Mexico ) , the small restaurant was opened in 1982 in their one-car garage home at Guadalupe Victoria 209 in Gonzalez, Tamaulipas, a small town of a little over 40,000 people. It is located 96 kilometers west of the Port of Tampico, Tamaulipas. The home was their childhood home and business still owned by the Mrs. Castillo today.

The original menu at the small restaurant only kept a few items and they included flautas, sopes, tostadas, menudo, and pozole. These latter two items very typical food choices in local Fondas in Mexico.

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